Bor Jaspers

Sabre introduction

‘But I don’t do sabre…’
‘I am only a beginner…’
‘I have never done x or x…’

We often hear people are interested, but unsure whether SWOOSH is for them. Because they don’t do sabre, or because they haven’t done H.E.M.A. for years.
Fear not!

SWOOSH is not only for sabrists, and certainly not just for experienced H.E.M.A.ists. For example; how many tomahawk/bowieknife experts do you know? 

To make it easier to make the decision to sign up due to inexperience or not we introduce to you the hero who will do the mandatory introduction workshop so everyone will have a good start;

– – –

Bor Jaspers

After 3 years of boxing Bor Jaspers decided it was time for something new. He discovered HEMA in 2016, got addicted, and with an immense amount of enthusiasm and hard work quickly rose to the rank of Instructor at the Historical Fencing Guild Limburg in the south of the Netherlands.

He teaches longsword, pugilism but has a special place in his heart for sabre and particulary mounted sabre. He never sits still not even for a second in the world of Historical Combat. He mostly forcuses on the British Military Swordmanship system of the late 1700 and early 1800’s, both on foot and horseback.

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The intro class

In this class everyone who has never held a sabre or forgot to hold it, will learn the basics that you will need to get through SWOOSH with a bang! Drilling you like a good (British) soldier drawing from the manuals of LeMarchant’s sword excersices of the cavalry (1796) and Roworth’s art of defence on foot (1798) you’ll be ready to be thrown into the fray in no time. So are you not sure how to sabre or just want to get back into those basics, be sure to check it out.

You will need:
Some light gloves are recommended
Sabre or appropriate simulator

Blackfencer loaner sabres will be available!